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Financial Planning & Investment Management Services

Using a Computer

When we start a client relationship, we expect it to last for decades.


But, if at any point you don't feel our value justifies our fee, you can cancel with no penalties, no lockups, and no hard feelings.

We weren't kidding about transparency.

Wherever you are in your financial journey, our services are designed to:

  • Give you peace of mind

  • Help you do more of what you love

  • Provide solutions that relieve your stress and uncertainty

Executive+ Planning

Typical Client Profile

• Households with a net worth greater than $10,000,000

• Executives with equity compensation and 10b5-1 trading restrictions

• Multi-employee business owners


Everything in ProfessionalExecutive, plus:

10b5-1/company insider monetization planning

Tax & estate planning for business exit and/or liquidity events

Advanced asset protection, wealth transfer, & estate tax reduction planning

Starting at $15,000/year

Executive Planning

Typical Client Profile

• Households with a net worth between $4,000,000 and $10,000,000

• Executives with equity compensation

• Self-employed business owners


Everything in Professional, plus:

Equity compensation planning for:

• Restricted Stock Units

• Employee Stock Purchase Plans

• Non-qualified and Incentive Stock Options

+ any other form of equity received

Business tax election analysis

Self-employed tax & cash flow planning

Business retirement plan analysis & implementation

Starting at $10,000/year

Professional Planning

Typical Client Profile

• Households with a net worth less than $4,000,000

• No equity compensation or business considerations

• High-earning households who want to optimize wealth accumulation


Tax strategization

Cash flow & tax-efficient savings strategies 

Workplace benefit optimization

Family & charitable gifting strategies

Education planning

Risk management & insurance planning

Investment review & allocation guidance

Estate plan design, implementation, & maintenance

Starting at $7,500/year

*Given you may need more or less services than those listed in any particular partnership level, your fee may vary from the fees stated above. If we decide to work together, the agreed upon fee will be reflected in your Client Agreement.*

Investment Management-

0.35% of assets under management

An optional service for those who want complete financial automation.

This service includes implementing a low-cost, tax-efficient portfolio that’s monitored year-round to act on tax-loss harvesting and rebalancing opportunities. Your portfolio allocation is tailored to the circumstances and preferences we mutually determine after a series of analyses and discussions.

UWM Billing Example

Billing is done quarterly, in arrears, and pro-rated for the number of days in the quarter. Investment management fees are based on the average daily balance (ADB) of the client's accounts. For example:

  • A client's contract starts with 40 days left in the third quarter

  • Their annual planning fee is $15,000, and the ADB of their accounts was $2,500,000


Their first bill would be due in early October and would be calculated as follows:

  • Planning: $15,000*(40 days as a client/365 days in the year) = $1,643.84.

  • Investment Management: $2,500,000*(40 days as a client/365 days in the year)*.0035 = $958.90.

The full fourth quarter fee would be due in early January.

  • Planning: $3,750 ($15,000/4)

  • Investment Management: (ADB*.0035)/4

Barring any changes in the relationship, this would continue each quarter. Terminated relationships will be issued a final, pro-rated bill. Clients can choose planning, investment management, or both.

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