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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes! As a fiduciary, I'm legally and ethically bound to prioritize the needs of my clients above my own. We believe this is the only way to serve clients, and it's why we eliminated conflicts of interest like commissions from the sale of insurance or investment products.

I don't have equity compensation. Can I still work with you?

Yes! UWM has specialized expertise in planning for entrepreneurs and employees with equity compensation, but we also work with clients in various professions with different financial situations if we both feel there's a fit.

Do you work with clients nationwide?

Yes! UWM is equipped to work virtually with clients across the United States.

How are you paid and what do UWM's services cost?

Our only compensation comes from the fees paid by our clients. This is purposeful because it removes conflicts of interest and potential incentives to make recommendations that aren't in your best interest. Client fees will vary depending on the complexity of their circumstances and their chosen service tier. You can view UWM's services and pricing on the pricing page.

Am I locked into a contract?

When we start a client relationship, we expect it to last for decades. But you're free to terminate our relationship any time with no questions asked if you don't feel we're holding up our end of the deal.

How are fees calculated and paid?

Fees are calculated quarterly, in arrears, and pro-rated for the number of days in the quarter. For example, if a client's contract starts with 40 days left in the third quarter and their annual fee is $10,000, their first bill would be due in early October and would be calculated as follows: ($10,000/4 quarters)*(40 days as a client/91 days in the quarter) = $1,098.90. If they remain a client for the entire following quarter, their fourth quarter fee of $2,500 would be due in early January. Barring any changes in the relationship, this fee would continue each quarter. If the client decides to terminate the relationship 27 days into a future quarter, their final bill would be: ($10,000/4 quarters)*(27 days as a client/91 days in the quarter) = $741.76. Depending on the relationship type, fees are either deducted directly from your investment account(s) or paid via ACH using a third-party payment processor.

Why should I hire you when I can do it myself?

Great question! The truth is, you shouldn't hire an advisor unless you're confident they can deliver value in excess of their fee. That's why our prospective client process is designed to help you evaluate whether we or any other firm you're considering can deliver that value. Research by Vanguard concluded that a financial advisor could add up to, or even exceed 3% in net returns for clients. For more information, read our blog post, Are Financial Advisors Worth the Fee?

What is the process to begin working with UWM?

Click HERE for the exact process we use with every prospective client.

What if I don't have substantial assets to manage?

No problem! UWM offers ongoing financial planning services to help clients in the early stages of the accumulation phase.

Where is my money held?

For clients who engage us for investment management services, accounts are opened and held at Charles Schwab, an unaffiliated custodian. Clients maintain direct access to their accounts and can revoke UWM's permissions at any time.

What are your qualifications?

Matthew Garasic is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional  CFP® professionals are held to strict ethical standards to ensure financial planning recommendations are in your best interest. What’s more, a CFP® professional must acquire several years of experience related to delivering financial planning services to clients and pass the comprehensive CFP® Certification Exam before they can use the CFP® designation. A NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is a leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors—highly trained professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of those they serve. A member of XY Planning Network The XY Planning Network is the leading organization of fee-only financial advisors who are focused on working with Generation X and Generation Y clients. A member of Fee-Only Network A platform dedicated to providing consumers easy access to profiles of vetted financial advisors working under a transparent fee structure with a legal obligation to provide unbiased financial advice. No sales. Period.

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