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Legacy & Estate Planning

Solidifying your legacy through effective, tax-mitigated wealth transfer to the people and causes you care about 

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Leaving the legacy you envision

At Unrivaled Wealth Management, we understand income and assets are tools for creating your legacy. We model wealth transfer strategies to answer one question: 

How do you want to be remembered?


Immortalizes your legacy and transfers wealth across generations on your terms

Maintains continuity of financial and medical decision making in every life stage

Avoids probate, maintains family privacy, and divides assets according to your specific instructions

Passes family and philanthropic values down your lineage

Mitigates estate taxes and expenses for maximum wealth transfer

Working with Trusted Legal Professionals to Implement:

Revocable Living Trusts

living wills & advanced medical directives

irrevocable trusts


charitable trusts

grantor retained trusts

durable & healthcare powers of attorney

life insurance trusts

spousal lifetime access trusts (SLATs)

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